United Stanford Employees

a personal collection
by Jack Truher as of June 18, 2005

Most of these links are to a few newspaper articles for which Jack was either author or captured on film as a participant to history of establishing Stanford's first serious labor union. Jack's role in the founding of the union was primarily as a collaborator for unity and consensus during the organizing campaign for United Stanford Employees, having been elected to the Executive Committee as Reporter (communications to media) during the recognition campaign of 1973. Other principals were primary organizers, long before and after this period. These more important figures included Jim Berk, Glenda Jones, Roland Finston, Joe Sodja, Julia Harvey, and many others -- for whom our common association remains a proud moment.

Jim Berk & Glenda Jones were primary in writing and production for the Employees Organize, the organizing newspaper for United Stanford Employees. Here are some topics (there are more to be entered here), which suggest the energy and commitment which led to union recognition in 1973.

An excellent review of the organizing years of United Stanford Employees 1969-1974 was prepared by then Stanford undergraduate Sarah Eisenstein in 1998. Another review of some subsequent years in the union's development is in progress by another student. It should be done sometime in the next academic year.

Text explaining Jack's scanned photos of early USE union history (below) will become available here as time permits.

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